Sunday, January 17, 2016

Family paddle

We went on a little expedition yesterday with Roaring40s Kayaking, to celebrate Elf's birthday. It was fan-bloody-tastic and I highly recommend it. We paddled from Marieville Esplanade around Battery Point, into Sullivans Cove, then under the bridges into and out of the docks. We all hooked together into a sort of raft in Victoria Dock and had fish and chips from Mako. Paddling back was a lot livelier with a headwind and a bit of a swell, but the guides were great coaches, and it wasn't in any way strenuous. 5 stars.

The photos were taken by our guide Damien, who was at the rear of the convoy with Marcus in front of him. Elf and I are together - she has a green top and white hat and I am in dark blue stripes. Michael paddled at the front of the pack with the other guide hence he is not very visible in the photos apart from in our muck-up 'air guitar' photo at the end.

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