Wednesday, May 25, 2005


We have passed Marcus' single bed on to Lily and bought bunks. Michael is still in his cot but some time in the next 6 months we will un-bunk the bunks and pop him in one. Marcus is keen for Michael to sleep in with him, which is endearing but not practical. I guess people short on money and space popped all the kids in one bed as a matter of course, maybe still do. I must ask Nick, he had the most deprived childhood of anyone I know.

What I started this post to say was I got some wooden letters out of the shed for the kids to play with - I made an unsuccessful mobile out of them years ago. Marcus laid the D on its back and said - its a bed! The D has big serifs that turn into the legs of the bed. Well observed and creative thinking. And now - a little D on its back on top of the big D - "They're bunks dad!"

Mum and Dad visited for a couple of days and the boys enjoyed seeing them a lot. They are off on a overland journey and we won't see them again until cricket season.

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