Monday, May 02, 2005


Elf is in Melbourne until Wednesday. I had the boys to myself from Friday morning until this morning (Monday) when I dropped them at daycare. We got on very well I think, better than I expected. Had a 4th birthday party on Saturday for Eleanor, which was outdoors on a very blustery day. Marcus wore a large blue beanie and looked very funny with his pointy paper party hat atop. Michael slept through most of it. On Sunday we had another 4th birthday party, this one for Miranda. I think we had 8 pregnant women at our wedding in April 2001, so the 4th birthdays are coming thick and fast now. Both boys had a great time at the 2nd party.

Marcus's twin tyrannosaurus rexes were named John and Pikka this morning.

When Marcus yells "Dad! DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!" Michael says "com-ing".

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Anonymous said...

I know in my heart that the tyrannosaurus rex was named after me.