Monday, May 23, 2005


Marcus wouldnt have a midday sleep yesterday, and he got progressively rattier and more out of control as the day went on until he finally crashed out in front of a video. I had to ban him from going anywhere near the cats, and was close to banning him from going near Michael. They are both ambulatory now, and the size imbalance will never be greater than it is now, so hopefully things will gradually get easier to police.

Marcus "shirtfronted" Michael at one stage [quoting my mum - nice one mum] and was surprised and alarmed at the damage he might have done. Michael was fine though.

I am now on the Richmond bandwagon. They have beaten both last year's grand finalists, are 3rd on the ladder and only have 2 more interstate games. I have been hesitant because good starts have so often turned to ashes by July. I do feel it might be different this year. I will now boldly predict a finish in 5th spot, and a win in the first week of the finals. Go Tiges!

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