Monday, May 16, 2005

Trading Up

We are now proud owners of the Ice Cream Car. It was nice taking the boys to Allison's this morning and cruising back to town listening to a CD. We do feel it is all a bit schmicko for us, but I guess in time it will be wall to wall crumbs, little plastic dinosaurs and wodged up tissues.

Marcus and I proudly stuck the Richmond membership stickers all over it last night. Elf was a bit resistant - but there are a lot of white Subaru Outbacks out there and its important we can tell it apart in the carpark. And the Tigers are travelling pretty well too.

Marcus is starting to get interested in the varieties of football. Yesterday he and I were kicking a soccer ball and he worked out some complicated rules where he would "catch a goal" by running up to the ball, doing a dance then diving on it. A goal is signalled by poking out two fingers a number of times. He was "the umpire" and I was "the person" and when the person catches a goal, the umpire says "That's a goal, person".

Michael is tearing around at terrifying speeds pushing the quadcycle now, like Marcus did - with the added excitement of Marcus running after him and tackling him to the ground or occasionally giving him an old-fashioned coathanger across the throat. We had hoped to be in a bigger house by the time Michael was this mobile. Winter in the hallway is going to be very lively I think.

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