Monday, May 09, 2005

Michael Walks

Michael did quite a bit of walking on the weekend, which was very exciting. He even walked up to a ball and kicked it at one stage. I didnt see it but I like to think he chose a corner and slotted it away confidently (while looking the other way to fool the 'keeper).

I bought the boys a proper soccer ball on Saturday. We had been down to Cornelian Bay where they play school hockey, and walking around on the perfect grass (there has been hardly any rain here in the last 3 months) I was wishing we had brought a good solid ball with us to kick around. Now we have one.

We bought a pair of bunk beds yesterday - Marcus' bed has always been terrible - it was a bad buy. We hope bunks will work. They can be split into singles when the lads are a bit older and want to have their own rooms.

Marcus said "I look after Hattie. I'm Hattie's doctor...........Actually, I'm Hattie's vet.

Had a rushed dinner on Friday at aptly named Fish Frenzy wih Andrea and Phillip and their kids Isobel and Ronan who we met for the first time. Beautiful little boy. Both ours went to pieces for various reasons so we had to dash off. P and A are over briefly from Perth - it will be a long time before we see them again I guess.

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