Monday, May 30, 2005

Sorry Dad

I heard "Sorry Dad" about 47 times this weekend. Marcus is in a very trying mood. A few times he seemed to be disobeying just to see what would happen. Then twice he became really upset because I was annoyed with him and only calmed down when I assured him I wasn't angry any more. Elf and I both get really tired of yelling at him.

We have been sending him to his room but we are thinking of instituting the "naughty mat" near the front door. Sometimes when he's in his room with the door shut he just settles down with a good book and it has no effect at all. He says "sorry" a lot but he hasn't learned yet that it doesnt undo what's been done. It comes out very glibly sometimes.

I feel bad because Michael is a stubborn and sometimes naughty boy but he gets off scot free often because he is little. We try to be consistent but it is exhausting. Marcus is just terrific with him and loves to play with him, but because he is twice Michael's size we always have to stop them getting carried away.

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