Monday, May 22, 2006

Brant and Todd

Last night we watched the million-dollar interview with the surviving miners from the Beaconsfield rockfall. They spoke very well and came across as very genuine, intelligent men. Obviously they are both pretty tough guys or they would not have survived, but there was no false bravado about them. They were very open about the hard times they went through, when they were writing goodbye message to their families, and when Brant started to crack up and Todd threatened to kiss him if he didn't settle down.

I hope they have long happy lives above ground, and that we never hear from them again. They don't seem like guys whose idea of happiness is being on Dancing With The Stars five years from now. It's possible their $1.3m each commits them to popping up on various Channel Nine shows that need a ratings boost.

I thought Tracey Grimshaw did generally very well. Some kind of illustration of their situation in the cage (apart from the one Brant scribbled on a serviette for us) would have been helpful. They showed one briefly from about two weeks ago which turns out to have been incorrect - they had nowhere near as much space as everyone thought. We got very tired of the helicopter footage of the mine head they used to pad the whole thing to two hours. I think in the trade its called helicopter pad.

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