Monday, May 22, 2006

Football matters - May edition

Richmond won their 4th game from eight on the weekend, a remarkable performance against Adelaide. They were given no chance by anyone, but got three goals in front and then played very disciplined keepings-off for the rest of the afternoon. Their coach is now being demonised, accused of killing football. A lot of the people doing the accusing will be employing the same tactics any time they think it suits the situation and the players at their disposal.

However - I am a bit worried. I've just been doing some statistical analysis. We have won four games without ever winning very comfortably. We have been beaten four times and two were record-breaking floggings. Our percentage now is 70.7 - its a wooden spoon percentage. In fact, it is bad enough to be worse than 7 of the last 10 wooden spoons, even though we are just outside the top eight.

So, we have to win every close game. We are going to climb slowly and fall quickly this season, so we'd better keep climbing, or we might get splinters on our way down the ladder.

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