Monday, May 29, 2006

Family update

This blog has swerved into being really sporty of late, due to the Tigers winning games and the impending World Cup. You are probably wondering - what' in tarnation is going on with the family? Here is a quick run down.

I am throwing out stuff as fast as I can. And looking for a house to rent when our present abode is demolished.

Elf has thrown out a box of her dire confident-but-wistful novels. She has an enduring cold but is looking forward to making a leadlight window with Susan in Susan's shed.

Marcus has discovered the pocket calculator.

Michael is snatching, grabbing, squealing, and saying "I don't want that silly THING!" whenever offered something.

Gizmo had a bad few days with leg trouble, strange behaviour, and a brief disappearance. He still has a slight limp but otherwise seems very cheerful and back to normal.

Hattie's condition is the same. Bulky, dim but friendly.

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