Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mothers Day

We had a visit from my old mate Cam, his wife Sarah and their daughter Jasmine on Sunday. Cam and I were soccer team-mates for a long time, a long time ago. We talked about the possibility of getting a new indoor soccer team together - I need something to keep fit in the lawn bowls off-season. [Joke].

Jas is in the same room as Marcus at daycare, and they get on pretty well. There is another Jasmine there who is OK, but not quite in the best friends category. Of course I put the invitation in the wrong Jasmine's pigeonhole, but luckily I saw Sarah on the way out, mentioned it to her and she tracked it down.

Jas plays very well with Michael too. he loves getting a chance to run around in the big kids room. I always fetch him first at Friends, then we go along to get Marcus. All of the kids respond to Michael - some want to hug him and some want to herd him into the corner and pelt him with cushions. I get the impression he is quite popular with the older kids because he can talk so well. He is also reading things, which is alarming.

We went to Citrus Moon for Mothers Day, but I think we will do something nice at home in future. Too crowded, slow service etc. We do love CM but maybe not for special occasions. And they have mysteriously shrunk their kids room by putting a partition across it. The boys both made purple mothers day cards, which were well received.

I have a backlog of Marcus' excellent drawings which I have meant to scan and put here. Stay tuned.

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