Thursday, May 18, 2006

Kinder visit takes me back to 1974

Elf and I went along to kinder yesterday for a sort of open half-day. It was good to have a better look around than I had before. I was amazed how many distant primary school memories started seeping into my consciousness.

About a dozen tables were set up with different activities for kids to do with their parents. One of them was stacking little square connecting blocks on each other. They are very simple blocks, and all you can do is build a tower with them. The thing makes them so engaging especially with boys, is that the blocks come in all the footy club colours. I was transported back to Burnie Primary circa 1974, when I would make black and yellow (Burnie Tigers) dark blue and light blue (Penguin Blues) and green and yellow (Cooee Bulldogs) towers.

Marcus had to wash his hands at one stage and took me out to show me the bathroom. I have seen the bathrooms at Friends modern daycare centre, but this one was a genuine state school bathroom with concrete floor and very basic tiny sinks and toilets. It was all startlingly familiar to me in every detail.

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