Monday, May 08, 2006

Team sports

On Saturday we had a run in the park next to the soccer ground. There was a game on, and we decided to walk back to the car the long way and have a look at it. We ended up sitting in the grandstand and watching the next game for a little while too. Marcus was really getting into it, so we took Elf and Michael home and returned to watch most of the rest. He asked good questions and maintained his interest for most of the game. One of the teams was Kingborough, where I played for three years before Marcus was born. He was excited that it was my team, and took their ups and downs to heart accordingly.

I hope he'll play some kind of team sport when he's a bit older. I played soccer for many years so at least I'll be able to teach him something if that's the way he wants to go, but something else might take his fancy.

I actually regret not having a go at Aussie Rules at some stage when I was young. I love watching it and follow it more closely now than I ever have, but if I had played even one season, I think I would understand it more deeply. I always enjoyed the team environment a lot, and I think it taught me all sorts of good things.

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