Friday, March 06, 2009

Floral Honda Civic

The other day over at Wendy's blog she was reminiscing about cars she has owned. Like Wendy, and my wife, and my dad, I too have owned a Honda Civic. And my mum did too, as I bought mine from her. It used to be orange. One day I was inspired [by some beautiful wrapping paper] to paint it blue with big sunflowers all over. Here are a couple of polaroids of it. I seem to have spent a lot of time driving it places then getting out to take photos of it. The pic on the right shows my dear late cat Giz, with a present I wrapped in the aforementioned paper. He seems to be shunning it.

I eventually got an offer too good to refuse of another, better car. I parked the Civic on the Bluegum Servo corner with a For Sale sign on it, and eventually sold it to a very dodgy interesting guy named Art for $800. He paid me in $25 installments so I had the pleasure of a visit from him (usually at work) every month for what seemed like many years.

I loved driving around in my happy car. People in Hobart got used to it and didn't pay much attention. People in the country would wave madly and kids particularly liked it. In Launceston however it was a magnet for abuse. They didn't enjoy the sixties obviously, and were in no mood to see them drive back into town.

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Wendy said...

I love this. This is the COOLEST! I never had an "art car" but always wanted one.

The latest on my wish list is getting my SUV zebra striped with blue and green stripes (company colors). (Yes, for heaven's sake, I drive an SUV but have to for work or I would never make it to the places I have to drive.)

Thanks for showing the picture of your car!!