Saturday, March 21, 2009

Grand Final: Where's Scotty 8 d Knackered 6

I'm sorry to say we blew it last night. Again we jumped out of the blocks and kicked the first 4 goals. Two minutes before half time we were looking very good. The marking was a bit loose, and I scored a couple of burst-through style goals. Ed kicked his best goal yet, after a lovely one-two with Paul.

Where's Scotty kept pressing and scored twice before half time. One was squarely my fault when I couldn't decide which player to mark. Unfortunately they came out and ran all over us in the second half. I was plodding about, quite spent, with perfectly good passes whizzing past my sluggish feet. We were outscored 6-2 in the second half and once again get the crappy runners-up medals.

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