Saturday, March 21, 2009


I have a self-imposed uniform I wear to work in summer. Black polo shirt, khaki shorts. I pinched the idea from Henry Rollins (although being more rock than I he wears black shorts). If you wear the same thing every day you save a lot of time you can spend, er, blogging, or doing spoken word tours. IMPORTANT THINGS like that. Anyway I have always hated choosing clothes.

Today, I unwittingly got out clothes for the boys that were pretty much identical to each other. As it's Saturday my uniforms were all the wash so I was in Relaxed Weekend Mode red t-shirt (and khaki shorts - I just don't do civilian coloured shorts). Only later did it dawn on me (as the boys stood close to each other trading peurile insults), that I had dressed them both like little me-going-to-work-s.

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