Thursday, March 05, 2009

Spinning some vinyl rec'rd albums

It's the eighties (and early nineties) all over again, every evening, at my house. Sally came by for the afternoon on Sunday, and has lent me a little rec'rd player. I have hauled the crate of records out from under the stairs and I am working my way through them.

There is my collection of Australia debut records by Mental as Anything, INXS, Midnight Oil, The Church, and, er, Peter Westheimer.

Who remembers The Gun Club? Adam and the Ants? Bughouse? Echo and the Bunnymen? It all came after punk but before grunge. There is a solid representation of the careers of Devo, Madness and Talking Heads (as previously discussed). But also Curved Air, a violin-led prog rock band. The Style Council! The Young Fresh Fellows! (All I can remember about them is that they are mentioned in a They Might Be Giants Song). Severed Heads! Celibate Rifles! Dead Kennedys! All on shiny black vinyl, with glorious 1 foot square cardboard sleeves!

I was explaining the technology to the boys, and it all sounded so far fetched. "There is this spiral groove, and it goes around and around, its just one groove, and the record spins 100 times for every three minute song, so that's, er, 500 spins for the average side of a pop record, all in the one groove, then you turn it over. If you were really kitted out with gear, you might be able to copy it onto a cassette and play it in the car." They were already glazed over.

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