Friday, March 06, 2009

Important List! #01

This is a new segment on our show, and we call it Important List! Today's list is the epsiode titles from the 1955 film serial Captain Africa. It was a sequel to / ripoff of The Phantom to the extent that it used a lot of the same footage. The episodes were;

1. Mystery Man of the Jungle!
2. Captain Africa to the Rescue!
3. Midnight Attack!
4. Into the Crocodile Pit!
5. Jungle War Drums!
6. Slave Traders!
7. Saved by Captain Africa!
8. The Bridge in the Sky!
9. Blasted by Captain Africa!
10. The Vanishing Princess!
11. The Tunnel of Terror!
12. Fangs of the Beast!
13. Renegades at Bay!
14. Captain Africa and the Wolf Dog!
15. Captain Africa's Final Move!

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