Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Sweaty indoor soccer update

I haven't mentioned my soccer team for a while, and I'm sure everyone is dying to know how they are getting on - that's why you are tuning in from Israel and Serbia and so on, after all.

Three weeks ago we (Knackered) were flogged 13-3 by a team called Deviants. They were fit and fast and young and had several quite big guys, a bit harder to push around. They wiped the floor with us. We won our next game 5-3 but it wasn't a very impressive performance. Then in our last roster game against a team we had previously beaten we sagged to a 5-9 loss.

Our poor end to the season meant we had to meet Deviants last Friday in a semi-final. Our one good defender Cam was unavailable due to barbecue commitments, and we had no sub. I was expecting another pasting.

We scored first, then again, then again. Next thing we knew we were up 5-0. All our shots were on target, as they weren't putting any defensive pressure on us. Once we had a lead I automatically went into fullback bully mode. Years of playing outdoor soccer in the backline have given me a wide repertoire of rule-bending blocks, chops, nudges, snipes and shunts.

Despite this, they had clawed back to 6-3 by halftime. Incredibly, in the second half we kept scoring goals. We got back the five goal lead and maintained it to win 13-8, and secure a place in the Grand Final this Friday night. Stay tuned.

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