Monday, June 22, 2009

Beverages in history

Cameron and Adrian next door were charging around their backyard. Cameron had a home-made bow and a short sword. Adrian speaks with a slight lisp but it's funnier if I render it with the full Elmer Fudd.

Its wine, not wum!
Cameron: I'm pretty sure its rum.
Adrian: NO, IT'S WINE.
Me: Hi guys. What's up?
Cameron: Do you like my bow? Mum won't let me make any arrows though. So I'm being a Roman archer! [brandishes sword]
Me: What's the wine business?
Cameron: Well I said that Roman soldiers drink rum, but he thinks they drink wine.
Me: Yep, I'm pretty sure they drank wine.
Adrian: Wum was someone else.
Me: Probably pirates.
Adrian: Yes, PIWATES! Piwates dwink wum.
Cameron: And convicts.

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