Monday, June 08, 2009

Just back from the Vegetable Coast

We have just arrived home after three days at my Mum and Dad's at Turners Beach. Until this morning it had rained with very little pause for about six days. I spent a lot of the time at Turners Beach with my nose in a book of jazz biographies - I now know a lot more about Bix Beiderbecke than I really need to. Also - Thelonious Monk's middle name is Sphere. Let me know if you need to know anything else.

Thanks to the rain all of Tasmania that we saw is looking like Ireland - even the bits that usually look like Nebraska in the Depression. Its emerald green as far as the eye can see. The North West coast around Mum and Dad's is a very fertile area, and even in winter it is obviously just pumping out produce like crazy.

We went to a craft show at the Forth Hall yesterday. Afterwards there was a break in the weather so we took a constitutional a few times around the Forth Football Ground, which is the Home of the Harvest Moon Magpies. (HM is a bulk produce company). Just through a chain link fence the Forth River slid past very quick, very black and completely silent. Quite eerie.

Mum and Dad are both very well. Dad arrived home from lawn bowls just after we arrived looking like an admiral in the Siberian Navy. White pants, white waterproof parka thing and a jaunty fleece version of the fur hat.

On the way home today we went past (as usual) Smith and Others Road. At Campbell town two of the kids playing in the park were called away by their parents: "Come on Phoenix! Come on Saxon!" Then we bumped into Marcus's friend Liam and his dad Tree. Honest.

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