Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cheese "facts"

From the 1978 World Book encyclopedia, C-Ch, p. 305. "Cheese" - paragraph 5.
Most cheese comes from cow's milk. People in Europe and Asia frequently make cheese from the milk of buffaloes, goats, and sheep. But cheese can be made from the milk of any animal. Herders in Lapland use reindeer milk in making cheese. In Tibet, yaks supply milk for cheese. Cheese is also made from the milk of camels, donkeys, horses and zebras.
Hang on. Zebras? How do you make cheese from a non-domesticated animal? Chase baby zebras and pump their stomachs? If you have ever heard of zebra cheese, please drop me a line. If you have milked a zebra, get in touch ASAP, as I think I can get a grant for a film about your life.


Wendy said...

Sorry I can't help you with the zebra milking thing. (Actually, I'm not really sorry, just being polite.)

However, I *did* walk all the way over here from my blog on the other side of the earth to tell you about this cool flag thing you might be interested in checking out:


Happy Birthday. :)

chris.dadness said...

Thanks Wendy, that looks flagtastic!

chris.dadness said...

Wendy - I tried to leave this on your blog but captcha wasn't working:

"Thanks for telling us about it [Julius' condition]. We have had our kiddie medical trauma but got it out of the way early. You are (as the previous 44 people have said) awesome and Julius is proto-awesome.

PS - Link above is only if you are interested and DO NOT feel obliged to take on any more doctors/stethoscopes/machines-that-go-ping than you have had already this week."

Wendy said...

Hey, it's stories like yours that make feel lucky, so it doesn't add to my trauma load. It adds to my "things I'm thankful for" load instead. :)