Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Toothaches One and Two

I've had this dreadful cold, or acute viral rhinopharyngitis as I like to call it. After about four days of it I was starting to get pain in my top left molar. [I had some work done on that tooth in September and they told me then that more was required.] Of course I started thinking I had an abcess. It didn't ever hurt to bite on, but whenever I jolted my head, such as walking down the steep stairs out the front of the house, it was quite painful. When I went swimming it throbbed like crazy when I swam along the bottom of the pool. I was hoping it was to do with my cold, but I had a sneaking feeling I was going to lose the tooth as punishment for not going back to the dentist for nine months.

Then one morning, my toothache spread to the right side as well. Hurrah! Double toothache = cold-related-sinus-thingy! Hurrah! But I have made an appointment at the dentist. Phew.

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