Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Flummoxed by followers

I have six new followers! I have to say the term "followers" puts me in mind of Rev Jim Jones and the Guyana jungle, however, its great to have you along (via Wendy's world I assume). I was going to launch into a portentuous "welcome to my blog and here is what I am all about" rave but the whole point of reading someone's blog is to find that out for yourself so I'll skip it.

However, I insist on embracing and even enhancing the inevitable creepy aspect of following by personally divining your lucky charms - mark them well and they will bring you good fortune at the laundromat, on the golf course and even in traffic court.

Julie: your lucky towel is the jumbo beach and your lucky vegetable is the squash.

Deedee: your lucky consonant is "H" and your lucky province is Manitoba.

S.B.: your lucky commodity is rubber, your lucky headwear is visor.

Sign Lady: your lucky physicist is Nils Bohr and your lucky sport is curling.

Crystal: your lucky piece of horse tack is the running martingale and your lucky country is Chad.

SRA: your lucky type of snow is snirt* and your lucky cheese is gruyere.

Charles: your lucky cricket fielding position is deep third man and your lucky university is Yale.

Matt: your lucky woodwind is the oboe and your lucky fabric is chintz.

Sally: your lucky hexadecimal colour is #ffb400 and your lucky primate is the bobono.

and finally Wendy: your lucky organ is the spleen and your lucky syrup is maple.

*Ooh, I can feel a list coming on here.


Wendy said...

I have always wondered what my lucky organ was. I'm feeling a lot better now.

chris.dadness said...

Hang onto that spleen - its keeping you out of trouble.