Sunday, June 28, 2009


Marcus has been pretty moody lately. Its like having a half-life-size teenager around. Now and then the old Marcus peeps through and we grab him and try and hold on to him for as long as we can before gloom sets in and then all we get is low grunting.

One morning the boys had watched a terrible cartoon version of Wolverine. (Nothing personal Wolverine - I just find practically everything terrible now. I am 41). Later Marcus said, as we were driving somewhere "wouldn't it be funny if there was a super character person like Wolverine who threw cucumbers at people?"

To try to hang onto the Marcus who thinks of cucumber-throwing heroes, I encouraged him to do a drawing of it as soon as possible. It took a few days but here it is. I must say so far this weekend he's been terrific, so here's hoping that phase might be over.

STOP PRESS. Marcus and I made a flash animation of Cucumberman. Here is a screen capture movie.

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