Tuesday, June 30, 2009


We have entered the iPod age. Elf bought one for Marcus yesterday. We have been thinking for some time that a selection of calming music might help him relax. Elf was prompted to buy one yesterday after Marcus had a horror morning at the dentist.

His tooth had been hurting him at night and then his upper jaw started swelling. The dentist quickly diagnosed an infection under the tooth, luckily a baby tooth. They did not x-ray, and they did not give him enough pain relief. He had a couple of needles in the gum but then they launched on in there straight away, saying the infection stops the painkiller working anyway.

The dentists had said "if its hurting, just tell us to stop". Elf said Marcus was screaming "STOP! STOP!", but they didn't. The poor kid felt justifiably betrayed and angry afterwards.

So, now he has an iPod Nano. I have just loaded it up with stuff for him. They are amazing things - I have never even held one in my hand before. Its got a little glass screen and it plays movies! Amazing.

Stay tuned for news of how it all plays out. I am already thinking we will need some kind of flashing light alert on the wall in all rooms in the house so Marcus knows when we need him to come to the surface.

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