Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dominating the Bandicoot League

Today our friend BJ came to spend the day with us. She used to work with Elf years ago and and they have kept in touch - she gets on well with the boys and we love to have her around. She arrived in time to walk down to soccer at the school with the boys and I. Elf was down there already, supplying sausages and coffee to the populace.

BJ had never watched live soccer, let alone an under 8 game, but she was keen to give it a go. I told her she would be seeing a good show. Marcus's team are still unbeaten this year, and could be said to be the giants of the Under 8 Bandicoot league. The visitors Taroona have been their toughest opposition historically, and would ensure South Hobart had to produce their best to win.

After a tense opening, our boys scored first, and again shortly after. Taroona answered and it was 2-1 to us at half time. Aden had a great game in goals, and made a point blank save. With a few minutes left it was 3-3, and I thought that would be a fair result. The boys kept going right to the end though, and Corey and Marcus together scored in a goalmouth scramble to put them in front.

Taroona threw everything at them, but lost the ball, and South Hobart moved it downfield, with passes, like a soccer team, and it ended up with Marcus who rounded a defender and shot from a wide angle. Goal! And it finished 5-3, with the boys still unbeaten. BJ was impressed with the whole thing. It was a lovely sunny day, all the parents were polite and friendly and (apart from me) not yelling, there was instant coffee and sausages - what's not to like?

Elf had an early pass to leave the sausage stall, so we packed up BJ and the boys and came home for an expansive lunch, then took a long walk with Winston while the sun was still out. And then, BJ bought my big drawing of Cascade Brewery. What a top day.


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