Thursday, July 29, 2010

Double safe

The metal stairs here at work are super-slippery when it rains. There are yellow signs on each level saying "slippery when wet", with the classic bobble-head man going "whooooooaaaa!" Steve, my boss, decided that wasn't enough, and asked the centre maanagement to do something to fix the problem. I think he had in mind some kind of non-slip coating, some GritStrips* perhaps - something involving a guy in overalls putting in a few hours.

The Arts Centre people had a brilliant labour-saving idea - just tape another sign to the first one. I guess that's why they get the big bucks. Stairs are still super-slippery, but.

*I just thought up that brand name - what do you reckon?


Nobody said...

Just attach some of that new wonder product 'GritStrip' to the soles of your shoes. Sorted.

chris.dadness said...

That puts me i mind of the old Tibetan saying - "it is easier to wear shoes than to cover the whole goddamn road with leather" - I think I got that right.

Nobody said...

Or is it, "If you wear shoes then the world is made of leather"...or Gritstrip.

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A vegetarian strategy game

chris.dadness said...

Maybe its "if you are a cattle tick then the world is made of leather".

We actually got a guy in overalls yesterday who did a bit of grindage and it seems to have made a difference. You know what they say -0 if you want action, make a snide comment in an obscure blog (now apparently also read on Jersey and the Isle of Man - must be attracted by my tax exile-related commentary).