Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Winston and the Dragon's Treasure

Michael sat down yesterday and wrote this story out, as he thought of it. It stars Winston, in the role of a cunning jewel thief.

Winston and the Dragon's Treasure

Okay. Winston the Dog (from the S.N.J.T.s [Secret Network of Jewel Thieves]) is on a mission to steal the Dragon' Treasure for his company. It's worth 1000$.

To get to the cave, Winston will have to take the ferry to America. Then he'll have to take the path to the cave at 20:04PM.

So, off he goes on the ferry to America. When it stops he gets off. Then he took the path to the cave. On the way he meets Barney. Barney is another theif from the S.N.J.T. He once stole the Pegasus Sapphire from Clare Sparkies. It was worth 200P [pounds]. Winston went back to work.

He gets in the cave after the Dragon leaves. He saw 5 Treasure chests, 1,010,500 coins, 25 skulls, & 20 jewels and gems. He stared.

Then he pulled out his sack and stuffed all the treasure into it. Then he ran out to a ship heading for Launceston. When he got to Launceston, he took a taxi back to the S.N.J.T.
Michael also did these two fantastic drawings of Winston yesterday, but they aren't illustrations of the story. He said that when he was out walking Winston with Elf, he walked along looking at Winston's head and planning how to draw it. After we went crazy over his first drawing he did another one.

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