Monday, July 05, 2010

Sunshine harvester parts are a hoot

I have just been sent a copy of the parts catalogue, 1911. As you'd expect, it's a laff riot!

Each part has a code word, to make it easier to order by telegraph. The code words all start with S, and include (strangely) a lot of seemingly French, Italian and Spanish terms, as well as … well, I'll just list some.

SOOTHFAST (Shaker crank, front)
SOPBROOD (Pulley for headings elevator, top; 1 and one-eighth inch bore)
SPODESTO (Arm for seven-eights inch square riddle adjuster bar)
SPAINO (Trace eye for one horse swingle tree)
SPOELWORM (Collar between 148 & H156)
SPALTBAR (Trace hook on one horse swingle tree, Argentine only)
SPASTICUS (T Head bolt, 6 x five-eights inch, for plummer block 83a)
SPASMATIS (Bolt to fasten fan bracket to winnower frame, one-a-half x three-eights inch hex, with lock nut)

Just to confirm, I did not make up any of that. Oh, and SPASTIC is there too (1 shilling), as is SPONGELET(6 shillings) and SPLITGAT ( 2 shillings and sixpence).

You can well imagine the irate telegrams coming in to HQ at Sunshine from Ouyen, Manangatang, Warracknabeal and beyond, when the goods train arrives with the urgent part, and it's the SPONDE (off side bracket for broad elevator bearing, bottom) rather than the SPONDEBAS (near side bracket for broad elevator bearing, bottom). Those were the days.

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