Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Netherlands 3 d Uruguay 2, World Cup Semi Final

Well, rather than a serious recount and analysis, I'm just going to rework a cheap Caster Semenya joke I heard [to recap - she is the controversial South African athlete breaking all sorts of women's athletic records]

Now that the last South American team has been knocked out, and their supporters are leaving South Africa, it must be a relief to Caster Semenya not to have people all over her country chanting "Uruguay, Uruguay".

But how about that first goal from van Bronckhorst? Woof!


Anonymous said...

Yes Chris well I "laughed out loud" at this post and woke the dogs up.....I had cameroon in the works sweepstake...Little to entertain except maybe the hair?
Best Regards

Julie in Ireland

chris.dadness said...

Wow - 8 minutes! That's a record for a first comment I think. So you LOLd and WtDU.

Poor Cameroon - I had France! I wish they'd told me in advance that they weren't going to bother.