Sunday, July 11, 2010

Knackered 8 d DotWS 5 - Indoor Soccer Grand Final

Last night we won our first championship for a couple of years, with a very good performance against Defenders of the Wooden Spoon, who were missing a couple of good players. We were up 5-2 at half time, and running along nicely. One of our first-half goals was a lovely bit of patient passing. It was something like Brett to Paul to Cam to me to Paul to me to Cam to me, and into the net.

DotWS kicked off in the second half and scored inside 10 seconds. Their gun player Andrew was just too slippery for any of us to track him. Unfortunately he couldn't do it all himself. From 5-3 we went goal for goal for ten minutes - we just couldn't shake them off. After scoring a few in the first half, I was just muffing every opportunity in the second half - taking one touch too many and getting too close to the keeper. The other guys stepped up though, and Ed, Paul and Brett kept the scoreboard ticking. With 90 seconds left we were still only two in front, when I finally found my touch again and scooped one into the net, for 8-5, and we had it in the bag.

All wives and kids were there, so we won in front of a large crowd of supporters, which made it even better.

We really like the DotWs guys, and they always give us a good game. They have stronger and weaker players, but everyone gets equal time, no matter how important the game. They enjoy playing together and that's more important to them than results, in the end. Having said that, they beat us only a few weeks ago, and they weren't far away last night.

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