Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cardboard tubesmanship

Like all boys, ours love a swordfight. They have been involved in a series of skirmishes with the boys next door, with all combatants armed with sticks. I am always worried about eyes being poked and fingers being broken, but so far there have been no serious injuries.
Master and student. Student is permitted to wear flowerpot helmet.
We came into possession of a some long cardboard tubes, and now we are having indoor tube fights between Marcus and Michael. I am much more relaxed about this - a tube end to the face is no joke, but its not going to cost anyone their sight. The best thing about it is that Marcus is coaching Michael, and Michael is lapping it up.

Marcus: "OK, I'm down here, so what have you got?"
Michael: "A sword?"
Marcus: "You have height, you have the advantage of height, right?
Michael: "Ohhhh - cool".
Marcus: "So if I do this, what are you going to do?"  (etc.)

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Wendy said...

Foam swim noodles are exceptional for sword fighting. It makes for very relaxing spectatorship.

(The other day I walked out on the porch to find one son was armed with a spear of bamboo with a sharpened end. Imagine my horror, and subsequent harpie-like screeching.)