Monday, October 31, 2011

Richard works blue

About twelve or so years ago at work we put together a CD-ROM called The Tragedy and Myth of the Tasmanian Tiger. We have boxes and boxes left over still. They don't work on Macs any more, but still spin up OK on PC (sing out if you would like one).

I donated some to the school a few years ago. I just looked at the intro clip for the first time this century (it has a skip button and I always skip it). I put together most of the contents, but we hired a young auteur to create the opening clip. It utilises sound grabs from the interviews and readings elsewhere on the disk.

I have just realised that about 20 seconds into the intro, Richard Flanagan, who is reading from his book The Sound of One Hand Clapping, says with gusto "it's a fuckin' Tassie tiger!"

So. I recall now that when I followed up and asked if the disks were any use, Marcus's teacher was non-committal.

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