Saturday, October 08, 2011

School fair dominated by apple products

Today was the school fair, and it went very well. We usually take the approach that our job is to attend and spend money, rather than run a stall. Although we usually do end up manning someone else's at some stage, and today it was Imp and Ed's apple stall. Imp is a master networker. She wheedled a donation of dozens of bags of apples, and a huge sack of choc buds. "Value-adding" is one of her favourite terms, and she turned 50¢ apples into $3.00 chocolate-coated apples. We also sold fresh apple juice, 2kg bags of 6 varieties of apple, and individual "swirly-whirly"ed apples - peeled and sliced by an ingenious peeler-slicer - like this thing.

We managed to shift almost everything. When I last saw Imp she had set up a table near the exit and was beseeching people as they left to consider taking home a bag of red delicious. Some likely lads had taken the other remaining bag and had offered to hawk it around the remaining crowd - it was possibly never seen again. But that's OK because we all know - red delicious are actually yucky.

There was a "bevy tent" selling all kinds of refreshments through the day. At one point I was mildly startled to see one of my customers, while buying her daughter a choc apple, had a stubbie of beer in the other hand. The people who run the stall are very nice, and I'm sure it raised a lot of money, but I always feel a bit uncomfortable seeing grog on sale at the school. A tradition has snuck in of "after parties" that start while the tidying up of the first event is still going on. I am bemused at seeing people sitting back with their third or fourth lager while others are carrying out their third or fourth load of furniture.

We saw a lot of people from outside the school, including Steve, Meredith and Finton. We are very proud of the school, so it's delightful to have outsiders come in and see what its all about. Sadly, Steve was targeted by a couple of urchins (I have a fair idea who) that tried the old "lost bus money" sob story on him. He said the giggling was a bit of a giveaway. My suspects live about 100m from the school.

Due to the fair, I have been on a sugar roller coaster all day. I have just been handed a cup of tea and will accompany it with some large chunks of toffee, to finish off the day.

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