Sunday, October 09, 2011

Michael adddress Grade 2 on the subject of "seminal emissions"

Michael's class are "doing"  China this term. He has not thrown himself into China unfortunately - because it has never interested him before, he has not read a lot about it. Then because he is not an expert on it, and can't parade his knowledge before the class, he sees no value in it, to his teacher's frustration.

I have been trying to help by nudging him in the direction of Chinese things that he will be interested in, such as archaeology, calligraphy, weapons and wars and so on. I think it is starting to work - every now and then he sees something Chinese-ish, and latches on to it, saying "Ooh - can I take this to school?"

Latest example: my mum's book The Chinese System of Food Cures. I had a flick through it, and was a bit concerned about some of the anatomical details, but thought it was worth the risk to encourage some China Interest. Some of it is a little flaky - Mum has underlined with question marks this suggestion: "Fill a plastic bag with vinegar and tie the bag around the hand overnight to heal greyish nails."

So, of course the part Michael read aloud (related to me yesterday by his teacher) was about the benefits of walnuts, which "lubricate intestines and prevent seminal emissions". It could have been worse - the amount of swollen scrota and anal bleeding in this book beggars belief.

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