Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Some more of my favourite imaginary cars

Drysdale-Fisk Sasquatch 12
Timms Osprey
Hereford Herring 18/80
Tripplehorn Tempest X7X
Mumford Apocalypse
Velasquez Marionette Six
Monk Garrigle Poltergeist
BGH Singh Obstacle Plus
Saxby Semiquaver
Ingham Ostrogoth
Moto Italia Super Elk
Tropicana Tradesman
Congo Weltschmerz Funf
Glastonbury Viper
Wagstaff Gazelle VII
Dear Leader Triumphant Struggle Vanette
Croxton Parallax
Shaolin Pinky
Bagshaw Blunderbuss GLX


Nobody said...

In the best tradition of 'truth being stranger than fiction' I offer:

Checker Suberba
Daihatsu Naked
Rickman Space Ranger
Volugrafo Bimbo
Gaylord (concept only - sadly)
Toyota Deliboy
Nissan Prairie Joy (isn't she a muppet character?)

chris.dadness said...

Reality - it runs a close 2nd for mine. There is a list here that includes those names, and also mentions Marianne Moore who came up with the name Mongoose Civique for Ford (they didn't use it).

Nobody said...

I find it funny that car makers choose to stick badges on their vehicles telling all and sundry about type of fuel, size of engine etc. There are a few Delicas getting about town, one of which has a small paragraph detailing it's specs.

I's like to see some after market badging where you can specify your favourite book, which Daddo has the real talent...stuff like that.

Another joy is to see a bloke driving their wifes/girlfriends car with personalised plates like "Angel" or "Shirl". They never look really comfortable.