Thursday, February 03, 2005

As Easy as Falling off a Blog

The D of D surges back to life! Hopefully this will work, and hopefully someone or other will read it.

This will be a brief but hopefully regular journal about family life, recording what our boys (Marcus is nearly 3, Michael just turned 1) are up to.

Marcus: Has mastered small talk. Interrupted Elf and I in the car to say "So Daddy - what have you been up to this morning?"
Has a bad cold at the moment and is barking like a seal. Can we talk about phlegm here? I believe in expelling phlegm from the body (by the spit method, preferably down the drain, quietly and behind closed doors) - Elf thinks you just have to get it out of the lungs and let the stomach do what it likes with it. So - Marcus has had contrasting advice about what to do with his expectorations.

Michael: Is getting curlier and curlier. Says "yes" to questions which Marcus didnt for a long time. He's a top chap. he enjoyed his birthday party weekend before last - which is good going for a 1 year old. Most of them don't stay awake and work the crowd the way he did. He's resisting the cold so far. Marcus is very fond of him and hugs him a lot, but will abandon words and just scream if he is doing something "important" and Michael moves even slightly towards him. Michael is standing up frequently but doesnt look inclined to walk anywhere yet. Teeth are taking their time, still only has the 2.

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