Friday, February 25, 2005


I saw the moon rise over the Meehan Range while I was bringing in the washing last night. I looked up and where there had been nothing there was a bright orange sharp-edged blob. My first thought was it was the tidiest bushfire I had ever seen. It rose so fast - it was entirely above the horizon in about 2 minutes. I am extremely urbanised and only very occasionally do I have such a strong feeling of being on a spinning planet looping through space.

We are looking for a new house at the moment, to have more space and hopefully a flat back yard for the boys. But we are going to miss our first house. Will we see the moon rise over distant hills from the new house? I hope so.

Elf brought home a roundabout/carousel thing from the toy library. Its amazing what that woman can fit into a standard station wagon. The boys love it. Michael just sits on it, going nowhere and and grinning. He lights up when he plays with Marcus.

Elf's father Bill arrives from Canberra today, for Marcus's 3rd birthday party tomorrow. My mum and dad will be driving down today as well. I think we are all getting together for dinner tonight down at Kingston Beach - at Citrus Moon as it happens.

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