Monday, February 07, 2005

Mr and Mrs Sawford get down

Raef and Leah's wedding went off well - they seemed to have a great time which is always the most important thing. They booked out a pub for the night instead of a regular sit down reception which was fun. Jeff, Robbo and I pushed back the boundaries of modern dance. The bar tab was rung up on the registers - it was up to $1870.65 or something by the time we left. The boys went to sleep on cue for Georgia but she didnt give them a fresh nappy beforehand.

Chonk bought us lunch on Saturday at Citrus Moon, Kingston Beach. They have a kids room which is pretty basic but amused the ladsfor a while. I had a brainwave that I might try out on Wednesday - to drop the boys at Allisons at 8.00 then have a swim or a run on the beach before work. It will cost half an hour a week maybe.

Then Chonk flew back to Canberra and we'll not see him now for a long time - Elf quite sad.

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