Monday, February 28, 2005

Stripy Birthday

Today is Marcus's 3rd birthday. We had a Stripy Party on Saturday down at the South Hobart Community Centre - there were a lot of stripy people, stripy food and stripy balloons. Elf did a magnificent job sewing, cooking and generally excelling at stripy home economics. Everyone had a great time. Marcus got piles of presents that we have to somehow fit into the house. Michael fell off the portable mini-roundabout and grazed his face a wee bit - my fault for putting him on it when he was too tired to hang on properly.

Yesterday we backed up for more parties. Elf took Marcus to Liam's 3rd birthday, while I took Michael up into the mountains to Big Ben's going away party. Ben is a programmer at Roar and one of the finest gentlemen its been my privilege to work with. His family live at Collinsvale above Hobart and they put on a terrific spread. Ten of us got a minibus from work. Michael was very well behaved, charmed everyone and demonstrated his various tricks.

Michael is now miaowing like a cat (where appropriate) and also singing the EIEIOs to Old Macdonald Had A Farm. He is also a dab hand on the saxaflute - Sally's present to Marcus. Marcus built a very impressive spiralling saxaflute this morning then played a short honking composition on it.

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matt charles said...

hey amigo - look forward to digging deeper into the blog + talking to you soon - sometime -

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