Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Peg Boy

Michael is standing up without wobbling pretty well now. It took me by surprise though when I set him down on his feet yesterday and instead of letting himself flop onto his bot, he stayed right where I put him. I felt like I had put a peg in a hole or planted a flag in the snow.

We went to a puppetry day at Tolosa Park yesterday, which was great. Everything from Punch and Judy to those spooky silent 12 foot tall ladies. We went with Anna and Lily (my god-daughter) and it tickled me to go off for a wander with Lily and Marcus - she's a great little girl and I enjoyed looking after her for a little while. There was a tiny 5-kids-at-a-time jumping castle. They get them out at the end of their go by using lollipops as bait. Marcus went off exploring on his own quite confidently which is a great development.

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