Wednesday, February 16, 2005

I can smell buildings

Lately Marcus has been saying occasionally "I can smell something?" "What can you smell buddy?" In the car the other day "I can smell buildings". Yesterday in the lounge room "I can smell videos".

Last night at dinner he asked "When I put some food in my mouth and my mouth is full, and I shovel more in, thats OK isnt it?" I was laughing too hard to say "no".

We hopped onto the tall ship Windeward Bound yesterday for a look - its a sail training vessel. I am totally un-seaworthy and have no boat-sense at all, but I strove to dodge ropes and hop cat-like from poop to prow to impress Marcus. We both had a go at the helm. I imagined myself in a souwester, a lone hand at the wheel in a force ten gale, the rest of the crew below decks with scurvy etc etc. I don't know what Marcus imagined.

Michael is bursting into jolly laughter at the first line of almost any nursery rhyme. Which is handy.
"The grand old Duke of York..."
"Haahahahahahah HAH!"

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