Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Woken by grizzling

I was woken at 5am by the sound of Marcus grizzling "I want to go back to the place with the water!"
He was really quite upset.
I picked him up and said "its OK, you're just dreaming"
He was more upset. "No I'm not dreaming, I want to go back to the place with the water."
I carried him back to our bed so he wouldnt wake Michael. After a few more repetitions he suddenly and lucidly broke off and said "You're right dad. I was dreaming."

Michael has a bad cold and touch of fever - I looked after him at home yesterday. Elf has got him all day today - hopefully he'll be well enough to go back to daycare on Wednesday.

Marcus ran around with a big round balloon hanging from a xylophone donger this morning saying "its a lantern" and was miffed that I wouldnt let him take it to "school" to show the carers.

Michael is saying "duck" and also "bear" I think. He has had very little book time compared to Marcus at the same age.

I'm back to work on Dust on my Shoes at Roar Film now. I have some help from Sean and Will for the next couple of months which will hopefully get the timeline back on the rails. I have a poster to do for Anna's exhibition and I must get back to the Factoid project as well.

And I'm worried about a new car. I want leg room but I don't want to drive a monster around town.

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