Thursday, February 24, 2005

Police Car

We have just returned a police car we got from the toy library. Michael and Marcus take turns climbing inside and pushing themselves up and down the hall. I have also seen Marcus pushing Michael around in it quite gently, which was sweet.

I was in a very lazy parenting mood last night so I subdued a minor ruckus by putting on a video. Michael cruised to a position where he could see the TV, then sat back in his vehicle quite comfortably, with his foot on the dashboard, to watch Little Robots. He just needed a takeaway coffee and bag of doughnuts.


Wendy said...

What is a toy library? Is it what it sounds like -- like a book library only for toys? Is this a Tasmanian thing? Why have I never heard of this? Why don't they have one of these where I live? Perhaps domestic harmony would be restored to my house and I would not have to listen to my husband bellow, "NO MORE BIG TOYS IN THIS HOUSE!"

chris rees said...

The toy library is a great thing, every town should have one. Ours is run by the Playgroup Association, and they have books, small, medium, big and some VERY big toys (Try a ride on rollercoaster car and 8 metres of up-and-down track).

There are Playgroup Associations in all the states here, so I think there are probably toy libraries all over Australia.

But you know, I still like to yell "NO MORE BIG TOYS IN THIS HOUSE!" anyway.