Monday, June 26, 2006

Blog v World Cup

You may have noticed the World Cup has the blog in a sleeper hold and it is down for the count. But I am determined not to let this event [which runs a close second to having a baby in life-disrupting drop-everythingness] sink the blog for good.

Here is a breathless rundown of family events.

I went to see Cars with Marcus, having already seen it with Elf. It was his first outing to the cinema. The audience totalled eight - I have been to bigger video nights. Marcus loved it, didn't fall asleep (it went past his bedtime) and as the predictable happy ending - with a little lesson for us all - materialised during the final car race, he was on his feet, standing on his seat, fists pumping and shouting "YEAH!!" I would say he gave it an A+, and from me, an A.

Marcus and I have been playing A LOT of soccer. He insists on it being him versus me, and is not interested in any kick-to-kick. Soccer is all about personal glory for him, which is probably pretty standard among 4 year old boys. I know you can watch an entire under-8 game and not see one intentional pass.

I have been watching a few of the 5am kickoff games, usually levering myself out of bed about 5.30 to watch the last two thirds. Inevitably one or both boys is up and sitting with me for the last half hour. Yesterday I watched an enthralling game between Mexico and Argentina, decided by a sublime goal from Rodriguez of Argentina. I had Marcus with me from about 5.40 onwards. He came stumbling out rubbing his eyes, looked at the scoreboard Mexico 1 - Argentina 1 and said "Hmm - its Mongolia 1 and Angola 1 I suppose is it?" He is "supposing" a lot lately.

Michael said to Elf at breakfast this morning - "Are you sitting across from me mum?" Elf said yes, she was. Michael said "And I am sitting across from you aren't I?"

We still await building quotes. Apparently they have to dig a big hole for the quote, then pour concrete foundations for the quote so it doesn't wobble - then obviously frame the quote up before moving onto laying the first few courses of bricks, before they put up walls etc to get the quote to "lock-up" stage. I'm not sure when the quotes will be finished but I am sure they will be very confortable to live in while we wait another 10 years for an actual house.

Lily's 4th birthday was yesterday, and fine event it was too. Nick and Anna rolled it in with Katherine's first and Nick's 40th (which was very much bottom of the bill in very small writing). Lily is my god-daughter. Which reminds me Elf was reading a picture book about Noah's Ark to Michael last night when he said "What does this say?" - pointing to the word GOD. "That says God" said his Mum, warily. "What's that?" "Er..." Elf summed The Almighty up in a few sentences and Michael continued the book, quite happy with his new knowledge.

I can warn you that it's just going to be Cup, Cup, Cup for a little while now. I haven't written my thoughts on the draw with Croatia - you might have seen a little bit about it in the papers. Over the moon, tickled pink etc. Tonight we play Italy. We are in with a slim chance. With Lucky Guus in our corner we just might do it.

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