Monday, June 19, 2006

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From Gazeta

Brazil came back the field in the beginning of the afternoon of this sunday to face the Australian truculent ones, with Ronaldo sanctioned in the attack to the side of Adriano. The player detached the sovereignty of the defensive sector ahead canarinho of the Australian giants, that they had abused the aerial balls in the duel of this sunday. "We knew that it would be difficult and that we would not gain all, but lead best in the majority and we do not pass great scares" pondered shirt three.

Juan was didactic: "As they were marking our stockings individually, these exits finish being important to open spaces".

Brazil did not enchant, error passes in surplus and showed an inexplicable desentrosamento. Beyond Ronaldo not having obtained to produce what of it if it waited, its homonym gaucho found difficulties in leaving the marking, arriving, also, to step on inside in the ball of the area in play for the right.

You launch them of bigger danger of the initial stage had finished happening in favor of Australia. Exactly abusing the violent game and the maldosas entrances, the teams of the Oceania obtained to emplacar some dangerous counterattacks, in kicks of long distance and balls raised for the area. In the final minute, Bresciano, that substituted Popovic, took off ink of the travessão of the Brazilian goleiro, at the best moment of the first time.

That's exactly how I saw it.

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