Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Playtpus sighting

We had a big outing to Mt Field National Park yesterday for the Queen's Birthday holiday. Its a beautiful drive way up into the Derwent Valley. When we got there we trotted off to have a look at beautiful Russell Falls, and everyone was very impressed (including Doggie).

Marcus with his chin stuck out, characteristic of one of his trying moods.

We had lunch there and pottered around a bit. There is a big clearing near the park office, and Marcus and I went for a stroll across and back. While we were coming back Elf was waving her arms and pointing up in the sky. There were two wedge-tail eagles circling above us, but some distance away. We kept a close eye on Michael for a while in case they took a fancy to him as a tidbit.

We drove back up the road to Something WIld, a new-ish wildlife sanctuary with big pictures of a platypus, tassie devil, wombat and wallaby out the front - Marcus called this the "menu". It might be coincidence but Marcus is starting to let his vegetarian thing slip a bit now.

Michael was generally disgraceful at Something WIld which detracted from the experience somewhat. But we did see a platypus in the wild - floating on the surface of the Tyenna River, taking his time and doing what platypi do. The sanctuary have made a lookout which unobtrusively overlooks a bend in the river, and the guide said that there is an 85% chance you will see a platypus there. We were thrilled, particularly Elf. They also have spotted quolls, forester kangas, pattable wombats and golden possums.

The drive home was lovely, there is something very beautiful about the Wellington Range when seen from up the Derwent Valley. The boys were fairly hyper from start to finish, and so it certainly wasn't a relaxing day, but it was good to get out and about and see something new.

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