Monday, June 19, 2006

Brazil 2 d Australia 0

I really enjoyed the game this morning. Australia were combative, creative and dangerous. We had many more shots on goal but the Brazilians were the only ones to find the net. Apart from a terrible bit of butchery by Vince Grella on Ronaldo, we were also pretty clean. He probably should have been off for an early spa.

I had a busy weekend and I didn't realise until our game was over that Japan and Croatia had drawn 0-0. This means we are still in 2nd place in our group and only need a draw to proceed. It also means that after we were a goal down this morning, conceding any more goals didn't matter that much.

I'm working on a series of maps for the London Grid for Learning at the moment, and with the Cup on at night and this occupying me during the day, I am feeling very much the Citizen of the World. (The London Grid is the education body overseeing schools in the 33 boroughs of London, including 1.3 million kids. In just one borough they hail from 120 different nationalities).

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Whilst you live -so does Johhny