Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Mental health first aid

On my way down Petty St this morning I could see a lady standing at her gate, rocking from one foot to the other. She had the sun behind her so I couldnt tell if she was looking back at her house or up the road towards me - I guess she was trying to look around me to see iuf her friend was coming diown to walk to work with her or something.

When I got closer I could see she was looking down the side of her house (probably checking the dog that lives there was safely locked away) and then rattling the gate, maybe to check the catch was on. She rocked from side to side for about two minutes as I walked down. Dog, gate, dog, gate, dog, dog, dog again, gate, dog, gate, dog, etc etc.

I guess she is obsessive compulsive and does this every morning,but I hadn't see it before. I wonder if a well intentioned bystander should try to help an obsessive compulsive, or if you should just let them be, like a sleepwalker.

I know there is a such a thing as a mental health first aid kit - I am interested to know more about it.

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